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Friday the 13th

Well Friday the 13th is usually an unlucky day, hopefully not for me though so fingers crossed that nothing bad happens. So whats been happening?

Well I have big news coming up very soon I just need to wait for the official say so to say. But it is big big big news and it is pretty damn awesome. (although it is nothing to do with OJF)

I have also managed to get around to adding the blog section of OJF to the site, although it is not totally finished. I will be looking to add an indexing/searching feature so you can search blog entries based on categories. As i will tag each entry against different categories for example, films, books etc etc. But check it out i have put up an entry to start with although its a bit long winded. Think i will have to hone my blogging skills.

Erm what else has been happening well I have played in two more public roller Derby bouts with my team the Jakey Bites (the only guys derby team in scotland). We first of travelled down to Manchester to take on New Wheeled Order then bearly a month later the most awesome Inhuman League from Sheffield made the trip up to visit us and play us in Scotlands first ever Mens derby bout in Glasgow.

Both bouts were double headers, although against manchester we were the main bout but in our homecoming bout we were first on with the main bout being Glasgows first Intraleague bout of the new season. Unfortunately we lost both games but we have a few injuries and new players coming into the team which doesnt help. But in syaing that none of the results were as bad as our 500+ vs 40 first bout lose against the might Tyne and fear. But we are learning at every opportunity and we will get better.

So whats to come for this and next month?
Change and lots of it, is the short answer. This coming month i will be going off to Belfast with Fierce Valley Roller Girls, this time not to ref as we can only have three refs at the bout and I lost out on the Rock papaer Scissors to see what one of us got to ref. But I am Bench Managing the team!! I have never bench managed before so this is going to be a new experience, I have been trying to pick up some handy hints and tips from our awesome Jakey Bites line up and bench managers. Cant wait its going to be an awesome experience hopefully I can do well for the team and dont let any of them down.