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OJF (Orange Juice Freedom) is my own personal website where I keep all the bits and bobs I have put together in flash and photoshop over the years. OJF started out in 2003 whilst I was in college but didn't find a home online till the beginning of 2004. When is appeared on yahoo geocities (now RIP), with some parts of the site moving to lycos tripod as they had php on their free sites, then finally we landed here at in 2006.

OJF is a cousin of by Chris walker a friend and SIW ( a website (currently under construction)by myself and chris.

In 2009 I also put together the Workshop ( the little brother to OJF. Designed as a place where I can post information and track projects I am working on, along with news updates on each project along with picture galleries. I try to keep it updated as regularly as i can when working on projects so you can see how things take shape from the initial idea right through to completion.

Although earlier in OJF's life content was added regularly, of late its been an uphill struggle due to work and also now that I am heavily involved in a roller derby league I helped set up (Fierce Valley Roller Girls. I try to keep everything (OJF & the Workshop) updated as often as I can and post anything new I have done or worked on so you can all see.

I hope you enjoy your time here on OJF.